Book app signing and other tales at the Children’s books Fair in Montreuil (Paris)


a small swarm of kids around Dominique Maes

So, we’re finally back from the Salon du livre et de la presse jeunesse SeineSaintDenis , one of the major children’s books fair in France. We had a stand for the very first time there and got an amazing experience. We had some lovely encounters with children, parents, teachers, librarians and other professionals.

Dominique Maes himself enjoyed spending time on our small stand! We have pictures of him surrounded by a small swarm of kids that depict it much better than I could do with words. It was really sweet.

We observed a few boys READING the book. I use capital letters here because how many times have I read here and there that boys don’t read, don’t like reading?! Countless! Well, one of them came to us, his cap strongly screwed on his head. He declined my offer to use headphones and started reading “All my Love (for You)”. After quite a few minutes, his head slowly came up. He was grinning like he had discovered something huge and told me in a whisper “oh, it’s a love story”. I could hardly say much more and start dissecting all the treasures hidden in the book.

Boy reading an ebook - All my Love (for You) by Dominique Maes - Paris Children's books fair 2013 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Digital reading!

We actually had both boys and girls from different ages (app. 5 to 10 years-old) who immersed themselves completely in the book and “came back”, taking off the headphones, with a dreamy smile on their lips.

We also used multi headphone splitters for the first time and saw parents sharing the book app with their child in this crowded environment. This was really magic! We simply didn’t think of taking pictures. Yes, sometimes you feel like it’s a private moment. A private moment in a public space that doesn’t necessarily need to be witnessed by strangers on the internet 😉

In addition, we also had very promising, fruitful discussions with a few artists and publishers. No doubts, we could feel a slow change of minds towards digital books. Artists and publishers who used to be strongly averse to digital publishing eyed Dominique Maes’ book app with great interest.

Last but not least… as suggested in the title, we’ve tested book signing within the app… well, how to describe this?! We had shot a small video prior to the fair, which you can watch on youtube if you want a snapshot of it.

Only Dominique can edit the page enabling the book signing by using three fingerprints and a secret password that only he and the developer know. Yes indeed, they didn’t put me (e.g. the publisher) in the confidence, the rascals!

Then, he can add one of the stamps designed for the occasion and sign the book with a stylus. The stroke probably is a little uncertain now but give him a few months to feel as confident as British artist David Hockney 😉

Digital book signing - Dominique Maes - All my Love (for You) - book app available on the App Store toute-premiere-dedicace-num copy


Head in the clouds!

To quote J. R. R. Tolkien, “not all who wander are lost” – and, that’s our feeling today after wandering on Pinterest.

Indeed, we found there a small jewel: i.e. a mobile DIY which looks a lot like one of Dominique Maes’ illustrations that can be found in our kids app  “All my Love (for You)”.

Pinterest, flicker, clouds, mobile, DIY, cotton, dream, poetic

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“Sit here a little while. Leaning against me.” – Free Printable Coloring Page for Father’s Day

You can now customize the last page of the children’s book “All my Love (for You) written and illustrated by Belgian artist Dominique Maes.

To do that, you only need to print the following page on some nice textured paper like Canson Mi-Teintes for example,

DIY for kids - free coloring for Father's Day

Step 1: print on A4 size paper (canson type quality paper)

and let your child give free rein to her creativity and imagination

DIY for kids - free coloring for Father's Day

❤ Credits : All my Love (for You) by Dominique Maes – colored by “Mini Me” ❤

by simply following the tutorial hereafter:

DIY for kids - free coloring for Father's Day

Step 2: cut out the unneeded edges of the print to prepare the foreground image

DIY for kids - free coloring for Father's Day

Step 3 : prepare the frame, using thick black paper, cutting out the middle of the page

DIY for kids - free coloring for Father's Day

Step 4: you can now glue the foreground page to the frame

DIY for kids - free coloring for Father's Day

Step 5: prepare the background (blank page that your child can draw on)

DIY for kids - free coloring for Father's Day

Step 6: this is an overview of the different elements you have at your disposal to build the artwork of your child

DIY for kids - free coloring for Father's Day

Step 7: this is an overview of the assembled elements before coloring / painting / gluing… 😉

We look forward to seeing your child’s artwork!! Don’t hesitate to post it on our Facebook page at

Father’s Days around the world and a surprise in preparation!

Father’s Day can be tricky to organize especially if you are an expat family!

Many countries celebrate it in June though:

  • on the first Sunday of June in Switzerland (i.e. yesterday, June 2),
  • on the second Sunday of June (i.e. June 9) in Belgium except in Antwerpen, in Spain and Italy,
  • on the third Sunday of June (i.e. June 16) in France, Canada, in the United States, in the United Kingdom, in China or Japan…,
  • on October 6 in Luxembourg

Still can’t find the country you live in in that list? You can find additional Father’s Day dates around the world on Wikipedia!

In the meantime, we are preparing a surprise for your kids, a small, easy DIY they can customize and offer to their dad.

All my Love (for You), a love story to share with your dad - now on the App Store

All my Love (for You), a love story to share with your dad – now on the App Store

Father’s Day is just around the corner: forget the Belgian chocolates and beer, go for a lovely poetic book app!

All my Love for You - iPad app for children on the App Store


With Father’s Day just around the corner, we are pleased to announce the English release of the critically acclaimed book app for kids All my Love (for You) written and illustrated by Dominique Maes, seasoned Belgian author-illustrator of children’s literature!

More info about this new children’s book app and Dominique Maes in the “About” section




All my Love (for You) by Dominique Maes
A new kind of book app, will be released today on all the App Stores
News release – 18 May 2013 [PDF]

If you are a journalist or an app reviewer, don’t hesitate to contact us to get more details, set up an interview with Dominique Maes or receive a promo code to download the app for free.
Contact person: Odile Flament – hello (at)