Dominique Maes, master storyteller and raconteur

Dominique Maes - children's author and illustrator

Dominique Maes, master storyteller and raconteur

It’s difficult to categorize or describe Dominique in so few words. He’s a cultivated character, full of experiences, talent and humor.

In no particular order: he did the calligraphy for the first three albums of Blake and Mortimer, became the Artistic Director of the publisher Alice, teaches at the École de Recherche Graphique in Brussels, designed the famous Kipling Bag gorilla, and is published and translated by some of the most renowned publishing houses.

His work is abundant, magnificent and funny. There is nothing anodyne about his illustrations, they’re full of minutiae from the foreground to the background: forever seeking the odd detail out and the parallel storyline within …hidden inside, you’ll find many delicious surprises.

Regarding his project, All my Love (for you), Dominique writes on his blog:
“I concocted this love story over the course of several years, and the encounter with new technologies suddenly offered it new narrative possibilities. As all the illustrations had been created monochromatically on paper (pen and blue ink), technology allowed for an abundance of playful (and touching) surprises!”

Dominique’s website:


Dominique published more than 80 books for kids and adults… it’s quite difficult to list all of them here! Among his most recent (and our favorite) books:

– Max the Little Red Tractor – with author Laurence Bourguignon
– Mémoires d’un ours en peluche – with illustrator Claude-K Dubois who designed the book cover
– Tof le philosophe
– Tof et les petits papiers (about creativity)
– Mascarade!
– Malabar et cramoisi

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