All my Love (for You) – iPad book app for children

All my love (for You)a “story for children who are growing up, for adults that haven’t lost their sense of wonder, and for all those who know that loving is the most important thing,” is now available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Dominique Maes sets himself apart with the release of one of his most beautiful children’s books, drawing inspiration from love and poetry.

It describes the journey of a parent trying to express, in different ways, his all-encompassing affection for his child as well as his love of life…

Give them lots of presents? Offer them the moon? Take them away on an imaginary voyage? Stifle them with attention? Lavish them with affection at the risk of smothering them? Make the outside world appear frightening or attractive?

These are only some of the countless questions that parents ask themselves! And what if all it really comes down to is simply being together, making the most of a moment in time and savoring an eternal sunset?




Removing the physical constraints of the tablet in the service of emotion

Dominique’s original illustrations are impressively sized, with the largest measuring 28 x 20 inches. He sketched them with a blue BIC pen on high quality paper before they were scanned and integrated into the application code.

Drawn in cross-hatch in the manner of Gustave Doré, they are complimented by a poetic narrative style, easy navigation and off-screen games that lie at the heart of the application. The tablet screen’s constraints become its asset, not a limitation, allowing Dominique Maes to imagine an eBook that is more than simply a picture with added sound effects. On the contrary, All my Love (for You)‘s conception was driven by the idea of fully exploiting the potential contained within the iPad.




Multiplying the many fun (and emotive!) surprises that the digital medium makes possible

You won’t find any user’s guide or instructions in All my Love (for You). Only through exploration – touching, tapping and gliding your fingertips – will you reveal its numerous surprises and rewards.

From the very first page, a little mouse announces that perhaps there’s more to see beyond the screen. This “off screen” invitation is the through line – or in this case the “blue” line – for this journey of discovery. It awakens the young reader’s curiosity and helps develop lateral, “out of the box” (or here “out of the screen”) thinking.

All my Love (for You) is a classic children’s storybook that takes advantage of all the possibilities offered by a digital medium, while also offering, through reading, an opporutnity for families to share a moment together. In this respect, it is both innovative as well as a bridge between different generations, a link between physical and digital worlds.

This is a love story, written for your eyes only. Dare to read and share it.
With your dad. With your mum. With your friends.”




A few visuals…

The high definition retina screen allows one to zoom into the image of the cover page and enlarge it up to 10 times its normal size by spreading the fingertips.
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The flowers become colorful only when stroked. Then, a little marmot appears, leading readers to a coloring page (page 2):

All my Love for You - fantastic iPad book app for children - The flowers become colorful only when stroked. Then, a little marmot appears, leading readers to a coloring page


A large portion of the image often begins hidden, as on the maritime page (page 13): the reader has to slide the picture over to reveal its hidden parts.

All my Love for you - Dominique Maes - fantastic iPad book app for children



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