With Father’s Day just around the corner, we are pleased to announce the English release of the critically acclaimed book app for kids All my Love (for You) by Dominique Maes, seasoned Belgian author-illustrator of children’s literature.

In All My Love (for You), Dominique offers an intimate and moving narrative investigating the many different ways a parent could express love for his child.

Here’s a story for kids growing up, for adults who haven’t lost their sense of wonder,
and for everyone who knows that loving is the most important thing.”

The app was recently selected by a professional jury composed of French publishers and key apps reviewers to receive the Dem@in le Livre award in the category “Best book app for kids.” (February 2013)

It was also featured in December 2012 on the cover of the “Culture” issue of Le Soir, the leading French language newspaper in Belgium (a translated version can be found at http://www.cotcotcot-apps.com/…/AllMyLoveForYou-LeSoir-Dec2012-EN.pdf).

The app has attracted the interest of both technophiles and technophobes: since its objective is not to replace physical books, but rather to offer a creative alternative for parent-child quality time, it’s even begun to win over the most tried and true fans of the printed word. All My Love (for You) is an invitation to creativity, curiosity and reading.

We hope you enjoy this digital exploration of parental emotion as much as we do!


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