Are you ready for a spacewalk?

BleuDeToi-cosmonaute02L’aventure continue !

We have been struggling with one of the biggest illustrations of this book app! The author wanted to give a feeling of unending space but the hatching and crosshatching drawings provided de facto boundaries that we could not easily erase.

So we’ve been brainstorming quite a long time and came up with an idea while watching a “Charlie and Lola” episode.

We’ve been emptying quite a few cartridges of blue ink on some top quality paper for three days, painting and scratching it until we were satisfied with the end result.

And so, now that all the assets have been extracted, we’re just waiting for the iOS developer to keep his promises 😉

Stay Tuned!


Espace bleu 02 Espace bleu 01 Espace bleu 04  Espace bleu 05